Heidi J. Peterson

Editor & Wordsmith Whisperer

    . . . your words and ideas, enhanced

Heidi J. Peterson

Editor & Wordsmith    Whisperer

    . . . your words and ideas,                 enhanced

I help authors and small business entrepreneurs refine and polish their writing projects. As a writer’s advocate, I review flow, word usage, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure so writers can focus on the big picture and the next story or project. Would you like a clear, concise, and interesting communication that connects well with your intended reader?

That’s where I help out. By correcting inconsistencies and logistical issues, eliminating redundant language, and reducing repetitive or wordy phrases, I help writers communicate and grab their readers’ attention. I also help writers with grammar and punctuation mechanics. This allows the reader to follow the story better.  And, I preserve the writer’s voice and communication style throughout the process. Your words and ideas, enhanced.
So whether you’re working on a fiction book, a nonfiction book, a business proposal, or even a family letter, I’ll provide editing expertise to your words and ideas. Your book or writing project will improve with a fresh set of eyes and an editor’s detailed process.
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