Heidi J. Peterson

Editor & Wordsmith Whisperer

    . . . your words and ideas, enhanced

Heidi J. Peterson

Editor & Wordsmith    Whisperer

    . . . your words and ideas,                 enhanced


I’m Heidi. I help writers communicate effectively. Your words and ideas, enhanced.
I joined the editing world officially in 2012, but have been playing with words ever since I can remember. Yes, I’m a wordaholic. I edit and proofread nonfiction and fiction, ensuring that my clients’ ideas and voice remain intact throughout the process. I also complete manuscript evaluations for writers who need an eagle-eyed overview to see if their project is on the right track.
I enjoy helping authors and small business entrepreneurs refine and polish their writing projects. Working with a first-time author to see their story in print or a business client to produce a more professional and organized project report are rewarding editing ventures. As a word worker, I embrace the spirit of a partnering relationship and am quite the Mama Bear for my clients. It’s important to me that your ideas and stories are fine-tuned and that your readers are engaged with your written words.
Some of the most impactful ways I improve my clients’ writing projects
  • Updating sentences from passive language to active language. Usually this means relocating the sentence subject and finding a more active verb. Many “to be” verbs and their variations can be quite the buzzkills when it comes to sentence structure. Changing these details often boosts a written piece from uninteresting to interesting for the reader. However, in some instances passive language works better to summarize or make your readers pay more attention to something. Some examples include when the subject isn’t known, when the information is more important than who is performing it (and the subject of the action is irrelevant or distracting), or when it’s used as a stylistic choice by the author.


  • Member since 2012
  • Board Member 2017 – 2020
  • Suggesting word replacements. Sometimes a particular word can be used too often, is outdated, doesn’t convey the intended meaning, or simply sounds awkward in the sentence. Putting the correct word in the correct place makes all the difference.

  • Member since 2019
  • Reorganizing sentences, paragraphs, sections or chapters. Often by just shifting things around we’re able to create a more cohesive and persuasive communication, whether a fiction story, business presentation or just a simple email.

  • Mystery/Thriller Category Book Awards Judge 2018
Thanks for checking out my website. If you’d like to connect on a project, please contact me at hjpcommunications@comcast.net or 952-484-7083.

I look forward to helping you move that project or book forward–your words and ideas, enhanced.

  • Bloomington Writers Festival Board Member 2012 – 2016

Mystery/Thriller Category Book Awards Judge 2018

Bloomington Writers Festival Board Member 2012 – 2016