Heidi J. Peterson

Editor & Wordsmith Whisperer

    . . . your words and ideas, enhanced

Heidi J. Peterson

Editor & Wordsmith    Whisperer

    . . . your words and ideas,                 enhanced


You have all your ideas down and your project or book is humming along. Then that pesky little bee flies around in your head and you think something is just not cohesive or flowing the way you envisioned it. Your inclination may be to hit delete on a whole page–or worse yet–the entire manuscript. Don’t touch that key yet!
Good news: Usually at this point you are closer than you think, but your project just really needs another set of eyes. Someone who will look at your pages from different angles, and ensure you are saying what you want to say how you want to say it. That’s where I jump in, to provide professional expertise to your project.
Editing is generally classified into four different categories, although some crossover exists in editing levels, and some organizations define editing levels slightly different from one another.
First step: determine the editing level that would benefit your project most.


  • Proofreading


Light edit. Corrects errors in punctuation, spelling, mechanics, grammar and basic word usage. Also corrects formatting errors such as headings, page numbers and font styles. (Usually the last step in book editing.)

  • Copyediting

In between a light and medium edit. Word and sentence-level issues. Corrects technical errors, inconsistencies, logistical issues, redundant language, and reduces repetitive or wordy phrases.

  • Line Editing

Medium Edit. Paragraph and scene-level issues. Focuses on clarify and strength of the writing. Examines project line by line. Analyzes each sentence, focusing on the meaning and strength of the sentence. Also determines whether or not a sentence should be tightened. Rearranging sentences or paragraphs to help with the writing flow. My line editing service includes Substantive Editing (sometimes commingled with line editing or developmental editing), which focuses on the actual prose and the project’s organization and presentation, including identifying areas where deeper revisions can make a big improvement to the writing project.

  • Developmental Editing

Heavy book edit. Looks at big-picture issues and deep-level restructuring, focusing on the overall strength of the book. Core areas: plot/subplots, story arc, character development, motivations, theme, point of view, tense, and dialogue issues. Editor often works with writers in the project planning stages. (I don’t specialize in developmental editing and would be happy to refer you to a developmental editing colleague.)



Line Editing

Red Pencils
A standard page has one-inch margins, uses 12 point text, is double-spaced, and is around 250 words.
I offer a free, four-page copy edit or line edit so you can see if my editing style meets your project needs. If your project needs a proofread instead, I offer a free, two-page proofread so you can see if my proofread meets your project needs.
All my editing is done in Microsoft Word Track Changes, so you can see your original work and the edit improvements. I also provide two document versions, an edited version showing the original document marked up with changes, and an all changes accepted version so you can see the new, clean copy. (If you prefer hard copy editing, I will edit on hard copy instead.)

Payment is accepted in U.S. dollars through PayPal.

Still unsure about what editing level you need for your project? For the sample edit I can edit the same page in the three editing levels, so you can see the differences in proofreading, copyediting and line editing for your project.

Interested in other editing or writing projects? Please contact me at hjpcommunications@comcast.net or 952-484-7083 for specific project pricing.

  • Website Editing
  • Business Proposal/Business Report Creation
  • Resume Creation