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At HJP Communications, words are in my head. Sometimes they won’t let me sleep! Below are some typical client editing and writing projects. However, if you have a project you’re ruminating about that’s not listed below, please contact me and we can discuss your objective and direction. It is easy to get stuck, and sometimes just bouncing ideas off someone else can kick-start a project. And…if the words get out of my head onto paper, maybe I can get some sleep.    


Includes thorough proofreading and correcting grammar, spelling, usage and sentence structure, as well as reorganization of paragraphs.

All editing is done in Microsoft Word with the track changes feature so you can easily see what has been changed from your original submitted project.

Editing Pricing - $5.00 per manuscript page (the standard page is usually 350 words, double-spaced with one-inch margins).

Once the initial edit is finished, you’ll review the edited manuscript to see if you’d like any updates to your project (often an initial edit can prompt new ideas to add or modify your concepts). Please plan on a second editing process where we incorporate any changes and/or new ideas.

New Clients

It is important that you are pleased with the finished product. Therefore, we will edit four double-spaced pages for free for first-time clients to ensure our work product is satisfactory to you and for your project. If you are satisfied with the edited sample, then for any new work submitted, the above-pricing applies, and you will not be charged for the initial four pages. If our editing style does not meet your expectations, then you are free to choose another editing company for your project.  


All writing projects are priced per project. Together we discuss your project’s goal, brand, client/target market and deadline, as well as client or market challenges, and decide the best way to approach the project. After the consultation, we will provide a written description and quote for the project. If you’d like to proceed, we’ll create the first draft of your project, and then we’ll work together to ensure the finished product includes any updates or modifications to the original plan.  

Small Business & Corporate


  • Nonfiction & Fiction Book Editing
  • Mysteries
  • Biographies/Memoirs
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Business Proposals/RFPs
  • Client Corporate Reporting
  • Company Correspondence
  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Family Stories
  • Holiday Letters

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