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Heidi J. Peterson

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Editing and Writing Expertise

to Improve Your Customer Communications

Good writing is much more than correct grammar. When we were all in school, grammar was pounded into our expanding little skulls. Grammar is definitely important. However, if an entire piece focuses on grammar alone and ignores style, tone and the audience, then the writing may be uninspiring and not interest or connect with the audience.
Steak n Beans

Do you want to relate to your audience? Of course you do! So consider tone, your relationship with your audience, and how to grab and grow their interest.

At HJP Communications, we take many different editing and writing projects from start to completion. The end result is the same:  developed and improved written communications for small businesses and individuals. Why let someone else change your words–-make them better? Well, if your main business is not writing, and if that’s not your expertise, you may not have the time or desire to make your words count. And misplaced words can mean missing business. The right word in the right place will strengthen your company image and its message. The result is a stronger brand presence, increased credibility and better profitability.


Our specialty is client collaboration to ensure the finished written product is just right for

your customer while still enhancing your company’s brand and business purpose.  

Projects include:  

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Cover Letters





At HJP Communications, we take the time to get to know our clients and their needs. Understanding the details of how clients operate, as well as their challenges and goals, is crucial in creating strong, individual writing pieces.  

Please contact us to discuss your communications’ needs. We will complete your book or project and ensure the message you deliver connects and resonates with your audience.  

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Heidi Peterson