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I’m an informationaholic. There, I’ve said it. They say the first step to resolving a problem is admitting it. However, I don’t plan on joining any 12-step program now or in the future. My plan is simple:  use my informational pursuits to provide quality editing and writing services for my customers. I’ll ensure your writing project is well done, and anything in question I will research. And, in the process, we’ll ensure that your written words reflect the tone, purpose and brand of your company. Your customers will see you the way you want them to:  professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Letters to words to paragraphs and onward–-it will all be cohesive, while still representing the most important thing: you

and your business.    

My literary influence…

My mother was a homemaker and a school librarian. She brought her love of reading and language to our family. We had the World Book Encyclopedia in our home; during our northern Minnesota summers she took us to the bookmobile that parked at a nearby corner every week so we could choose reading material for the upcoming week; and whenever going out to lunch in a particular restaurant, she continued to point out to the waitress that one of her favorite sandwiches, “the Reuben,” was incorrectly spelled “Rueben” on the menu. (It mortified me at the time.) In fact, Mom stopped ordering the sandwich because it was misspelled on the menu. One time Mom insisted I buy her Bartlett’s Quotations for a gift. I thought it was the heaviest book I’d ever held, and couldn’t imagine paging through it. But, she definitely wore out those pages.    




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