Heidi J. Peterson

Editor & Wordsmith Whisperer

       . . . your words and ideas, enhanced
Founded in 2012, HJP Communications edits writing for small businesses and individuals.  The end result is communication that is clear, concise and connects effectively with the reader. We’re based locally in the Twin Cities but work globally.
Often people write and believe they are communicating exactly what they mean to say. It’s great when it works out that way, isn’t it? Especially on the first try. The reality is often ideas and words seem clear in a person’s head, but don’t always come across that way on paper or online. And almost never on the first try.
That’s where we can help. Our strengths include finding the right word, organizing your ideas and thoughts, and ensuring the complete communication is cohesive. After all, the right word in the right spot only matters if the entire written product is pulled together in a collective fashion, which works for the reader as well as the writer. And, it’s important for us to preserve your writer’s voice and communication style throughout the process. Your words and ideas, enhanced.
So whether you’re working on a business proposal, book or website content, we’re there to provide editing expertise to your words and ideas. We’ll be another set of eyes and bring an editor’s brain to improve your writing.
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